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The Avengers have managed to get into the heart of the Kree empire, Kree-Lar. The Supreme Intelligence watches as Ronan is commanded to watch over the safety of the Kree. The Supreme Intelligence then thinks to himself of how he has made these events so. He also senses that Deathbird has snuck into the capitol, Hala. Therefore, he summons a team of Kree he names "Starforce" to deal with the invaders, the Avengers. He believes that the Avengers are tied in with the Shi'ar and are going to help Deathbird carry out an assassination attempt on the Kree leaders.

The Avengers, meanwhile, are suddenly attacked by Starforce and they fight back. They take each Kree out until they get access into the capitol citadel where the Supreme Intelligence waits. The leaders Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn cannot believe that the Avengers have come to the citadel and have made it so deep into the empire. As the Avengers enter the great hall they are surrounded by Starforce members and Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn announce that they do not recognize the Starforce members and fear them as trespassers as well. They order Captain Atlas to be killed and the Supreme Intelligence's last doing reveals itself. Deathbird leaps out of the shadows and slays the Kree leaders in the name of the Shi'ar. She then flies off. Their deaths allow Supreme Intelligence to regain his power over the Kree and he announces that the real war has begun and demands the death of the Shi'ar's Majestrix Lilandra. He also says the Avengers who have come here must die as well since they are accomplices to the assassination. The Kree empire wants revenge and shouts "Death to the Shi'ar!"


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