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Quote1.png The Supreme Intelligence won't threaten anyone ever again...he will never KILL again. Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Empire's End"

The Nega-bomb explodes and destroys everything in its path across the Kree empire, killing billions in the process. On Chandilar, Lilandra is informed of the Kree's demise but cries in the moment of victory.

Quasar, momentarily stunned by the blast, awakens to find Iron Man, Sersi, Black Knight, Hercules and Crystal floating lifelessly in space. Thor and the rest of the Avengers arrive in the Quinjet to retrieve them and Starfox is able to revive the comatose Avengers.

Meanwhile on Hala, Deathbird finds Captain America among the ruins and gives him CPR. The Supreme Intelligence reveals his hand in the entire plot, which was a means to overcome an evolutionary dead among the Kree. Deathbird rages but Captain America just says to leave him be.

The Avengers touch down on the planet and while making their way through the wreckage, they encounter Captain Atlas and Dr. Minerva. Atlas blames the Avengers for the destruction and attacks them. They are subdued and Captain America and Deathbird appear and reveal the truth, including Minerva's knowledge of the Supreme Intelligence's plan. Atlas turns his rage against her while Minerva tries to explain the long-term benefits of what has happened. Atlas prepares to kill himself and with his final words, asks the Avengers to make the Supreme Intelligence pay for what he has done. Minerva embraces Atlas at the last moment as they both disappear in a flash.

The Black Knight proposes that they kill the Supreme Intelligence while Captain America angrily disagrees and a division forms among the ranks over the next course of action. One group heads off to follow through with Black Knight's proposal but Iron Man prevents Deathbird from joining them.

They reach the Supreme Intelligence, who creates images of each of their adversaries but they are unable to stop the Avengers. They destroy the screen to reveal an organic life system, which stops Thor from joining the others in destroying the Supreme Intelligence.

They return to the others as Lilandra and the Shi'ar arrive, claiming the planet for their empire. Lilandra makes Deathbird its ruler in order to keep an eye on her. Captain America wishes her luck and says things will never be the same.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Intelligence appears to have survived, as a beam of light shot into the sky at the moment of his supposed demise. A ship with a Skrull and another unknown figure happen upon his remains as part of a pre-arranged meeting as the Supreme Intelligence says he can afford to be patient.


  • Final chapter of the Operation Galactic Storm event.
  • A group of Avengers, seeking vengeance on the Supreme Intelligence for the destruction of his own people break away from the main group and seemingly kill him. This team is made up of Sersi, Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Wonder Man, Hercules, and Black Knight, who makes the "killing" blow with his photon sword.
  • Later revealed in Avengers: Forever Vol 1 8 that due to subtle mental manipulation of the life-sustaining "neural net" of Tony Stark's cyber-interface, Immortus was able to influence Iron Man's decision to "pull rank" as the only Founder present and sanction the course of lethal retaliation against the Supreme Intelligence. This event also serves as precedent to Stark acting as Immortus's pawn in Crossing.
  • The Shi'ar Empire takes control of the Kree Empire.
  • Dane Whitman identifies the Black Knight doppelganger as his uncle, Nathan Garrett, even though the armor worn is that of Sir Percy of Scandia, the original Black Knight.

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