Quote1 Declarative: rhetorical response > WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? Quote2
-- Vision (Victor Shade)

Appearing in "Alternate Visions"

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Synopsis for "Alternate Visions"

Vision awakens as a prisoner of the Gatherers, having been lured into a trap on Long Island and being incapacitated by Tabula, who was disguised as the wife of Alex Lipton. Proctor teleports the alternate Vision to Manhattan with the orders to kill the Swordsman before he remembers his past.

At the 16th precinct, the police uncover that one of the fibers found at the scene of the dock murder was part of a suit that could adapt to unstable molecules, leading them to believe the killer was a superhero.

Dane Whitman journeys to Wakanda and finds Sersi, who has secluded herself since murdering Anksar. They set off in the Quinjet back home when Sersi is overcome by something. At the Avengers Mansion, Crystal and Hercules while discuss Sersi's recent actions, a fight breaks out between Karia and Lockjaw. After that, the Quinjet crashes nearby as the Black Knight ejected in time but an enraged Sersi also appears. She attacks the Avengers, who try to unsuccessfully reason with her, as the Swordsman arrives on the scene.

Suddenly, the alternate Vision appears through the floor and solidifies his hand inside Sersi's head while delivering a message to her from Proctor. While Vision refuses to let go and the Black Knight prepares to strike, Black Widow manages to defuse the situation and Captain America appears, saying he has been away for too long.

Appearing in "Overviews"

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Synopsis for "Overviews"

Black Widow gets Captain America caught up on the current state of affairs with reports on several Avengers and the Gatherers.


  • Vision and Anti-Vision have their bodies forcibly switched by Proctor so that the Anti-Vision can infiltrate the Avengers. This restores Vision to a body similar to his original green and red one.
  • Captain America rejoins the Avengers.

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