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Synopsis for "Godlings and Gladiators"

Goliath and Black Knight battle Ransak and Karkas to the death in Lemuria's arena. Fortunately, they break the control of the brain mines and make their way through Ghaur's troops to reach him. Unfortunately, Lord Ghaur has used the other Avengers and a few of the Kro's Delta Force to form a Uni-Mind of his own and has harnessed it to augment his powers. They manage to disrupt the Uni-Mind and escape from Lemuria.


  • Ghaur forcibly merged Captain America, Crystal Maximoff, Hercules, Sersi, Varua, Kro, and Tzabaoth into a Uni-Mind and then partially merged with it. This Uni-Mind was critically damaged when the Black Knight used an energy-saber (created by Sersi) to slash it open, enabling Sersi to escape. Without her, the Uni-Mind swiftly fell apart, freeing the other unwilling participants.
  • In their real identities, the Deviants who called themselves "Lord T" and "Lord K" look VERY different from how they did in this story. The reason why they appeared as they did has never been revealed but a good guess would be that they were (magically) disguised because they had been infiltrating an enemy nation in order to drive a wedge between the ranks of the Deviants that would soon cause a war between the followers of Ghaur and the strike force of Kro.


  • Despite not appearing at all in the previous issue (including not appearing when Captain America made the dive into Lemuria), Captain America's Shield is utilized by Ghaur. The fact that he was in a Uni-Mind with Sersi and Captain America might have given Ghaur the the idea and the ability (using Sersi's transmutation powers) to create a duplicate. Once freed from the Uni-Mind, Captain America picked up the shield, claiming that Ghaur had something that belonged to him, suggesting that Cap thought (at least for a while) that it was his actual shield.

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