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Quote1.png For her... for ALL your victims...I END YOUR MADNESS! Quote2.png
Sersi as she kills Proctor

Appearing in "The Last Gathering"

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Synopsis for "The Last Gathering"

Proctor and his Gatherers launch an all-out assault against the Avengers. The battle rages on, and the Black Knight, who has realized that Proctor is his parallel Earth counterpart, takes on Proctor one-on-one. The Avengers help him defeat Proctor and Sersi takes his life. Unable to overcome her madness, Sersi is forced to enter a dimensional rift into a pocket reality. However, the Black Knight decides to join her in her exile. Before dying, Ute restores all the damage that Sersi has done, including restoring the Avengers' mansion.

Appearing in "A Bigger Man Than I..."

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Synopsis for "A Bigger Man Than I..."

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  • Proctor was the only Gatherer to die. The others were merely rendered unconscious after he was knocked unconscious (Proctor had been utilizing a limited amount of telepathic control in order to keep the, presumably, otherwise noble other-dimensional Avengers in his command). Except for Jocasta (Earth-943), it's never been revealed what happened to them.

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