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Appearing in "Shadows of the Past"

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Synopsis for "Shadows of the Past"

In the Adirondack Mountains, the Swordsman leaves the bed he shares with Magdalene and sleepwalks into the woods. He is drawn there by the sounds of a flute, played by Tuc. He meets Tuc and a Priest of Pama. Tuc says to the priest how much this Swordsman is similar to the original one. The Priest speaks to the Swordsman, saying that he has a message for the Avengers. He should ask them: "who mourns for Agaphaur".

In the Avengers Mansion, Giant-Man is fighting to keep Gilgamesh alive. He can't explain the accelerating deterioration of Gilgamesh's body. The Wasp learns that Tony Stark is responsible for her financial collapse.

Vision searches for Marilla and finds what is left of her corpse, only organic residue in a maintenance shaft. His bio-scanners recognize Marilla's DNA. Giant-Man confirms that Marilla is dead and states that her cause of death was a high-intensity plasma-blast. The murderer evidently tried to hide the evidence. Giant-Man also locates the remains of Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara.

Neut, "Kang"'s weaponsmith (actually Immortus'), travels from the future to kill Gilgamesh and, despite the Avengers' best efforts, he succeeds. He escapes into the future. With his last words, Gilgamesh warns the Avengers of the threat posed by "her" and the twins.

Black Widow contacts Iron Man and they agree to evacuate the Mansion. Luna keeps telling Crystal about a "bad man". She means Iron Man, but fails to identify him.

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