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Quote1.png Mr. Stark is determined that all access to the Mansion be blocked by today. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "The Past Is With Us Always..."

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Synopsis for "The Past Is With Us Always..."

Avengers Mansion is sealed off, and Iron Man oversees the process. The structure collapses. Iron Man, Vision, and Giant-Man visit the sub-basement where Marilla was murdered. They discover some interesting clues. Iron Man vows to capture the murderer.

In the Adirondack Mountains, Swordsman meets the Cotati Elder, who inhabits the body of the original Swordsman. Vision soon arrives. The Vision and Swordsman are unable to stop teenaged "Luna", Malachi, and Tobias from capturing the Cotati Elder and taking him to the future to "Mantis". Tuc witnesses the battle from a distance and attempts to interfere. Luna asks him not to do so, saying it is not yet his time to act. Iron Man realizes he has taken the evidence from the sub-basement with him, then blacks out. He comes to his senses in a white room, in the company of Mantis. She tells him that he has to kill the child Luna, who has witnessed the murder of Yellowjacket. Tony crys, because he doesn't want to kill a little girl.

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