Quote1.png I would like to believe that you are again devoted to our cause! Yet, you were sent to America to destroy the accursed Avengers -- and they still live! Quote2.png
-- Colonel Ling

Appearing in "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!"

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Synopsis for "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!"

The Black Widow reaches the East with the stolen plane and meets Colonel Ying and Dr. Yen. He shows her his new invention, the Psychotron, which tortures its subjects with their greatest fears. They trap the Black Widow in it, suspecting (correctly) that she is still working for western forces.

Meanwhile, Goliath and Bill Foster are asked to examine the android body Dragon Man. Diablo lures the Avengers away from Dragon Man long enough for him to reactivate his creation. The Avengers battle Diablo and Dragon-Man and eventually beat them, but they nevertheless escape with an unconscious Goliath and the Wasp as their prisoners.


  • John Buscema's significant run as artist for this title begins with this issue. He will be the regular Avengers artist through Avengers #62 (cover only on Avengers #45) and will return as the artist from Avengers # 74-85. He also drew several other issues of Avengers since that time, including another tenure with writer Roger Stern in the 1980s.
  • credits:
    • Stan Lee Majestically Moguls Over A Roy Thomas - John Buscema Masterpiece Of Matchless Marvel Magnificence!!
    • Inked With Dragon Power By: George Bell!
    • Lettered With Draggin' Feet By: Artie Simek!
  • references: Fantastic Four #35 and Fantastic Four #47
  • Alter Ego #9, pg 42 prints John Buscema's unpublished character sketches for the 5 active male Avengers. Notes indicate that the Avengers were being compared/rendered as several prominent actors of the day. For example: Hercules=Steve Reeves, Quicksilver=Fred Astaire, Captain America=Burt Lancaster, Hawkeye=Anthony Quinn, and Goliath=Roger Culp.

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