Quote1 If I am to accomplish my purpose -- by destroying Captain America -- I must surpass him in every way! Quote2
-- Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov)

Appearing in "Color Him... the Red Guardian!"

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  • Aero-car

Synopsis for "Color Him... the Red Guardian!"

Quicksilver demonstrates his newfound ability to fly. and Captain America has to prove himself to a skeptical Hercules before he will take orders from him. Cap easily wins Hercules' admiration in a duel.

Sometime later, while most of the Avengers are away from the mansion, Hawkeye gets information about the Black Widow's whereabouts. Anxious to help her, Hawkeye cannot wait for his team mates to return. He sets out to rescue her immediately, with only Hercules in tow.

Meanwhile, Colonel Ling shows a general his newest asset: The Red Guardian. He has been trained and conditioned to be the equal of Captain America in every way but to stand for communism.

Hercules and Hawkeye invade Ling's base. Hercules is lured into the Psychotron. Hawkeye is captured by the Red Guardian, who is dramatically revealed to be the Black Widow's husband whom she thought was dead.

Back in the States, The Avengers learn about Hawkye's rescue mission and depart to rescue their compatriots.


  • Feldman is credited as Jerry Mann.
  • Quicksilver's ability to fly will be short-lived. It will be essentially forgotten about by later writers who never depict him flying after his next departure from the team (in issue #49).
  • Credits:
    • Special Location: Unknown Machine
    • Stan Lee Elatedly Edits And Extols A Roy Thomas - John Buscema Powerhouse Piece de Resistance!
    • Inked By George Bell
    • Lettered By Jerry Mann
    • (And, If You Can Think Of A Better Place On This Page To Put Our Cavortin' Credits, Consider Yourself No-Prized!)


  • On Page 5, Panel 2, there is a Lord of the Rings references on a fight poster behind Hawkeye, where the combatants are Slammer Sauron and Freddy Frodo.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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