Quote1 The heart of Hercules cries out for vengeance... and vengeance shall it have!! Quote2
-- Hercules

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Synopsis for "To Tame a Titan!"

Hercules wanders the unknown world and finds the other Olympians. Zeus sends Hercules back to the real world to defeat Typhon. Meanwhile, Typhon wreaks havoc on Earth, attempting to destroy a submarine. The Avengers attack, but are overpowered. Hercules appears and duels with Typhon, eventually beating him. Hercules returns all the Olympians to Olympus. Zeus casts Typhon into the Pit of Hades. Hercules decides to stay in Olympus for the time-being.


  • Hercules leaves the Avengers in this issue. He will not be seen again in this series until Avengers #98.
  • credits:
    • Stan Lee Has Done It Again!! (Done What? Why, Inspired Roy Thomas And John Buscema To Co-Create Another Comicdom Classic, Natch! What Else?)

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