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Quote1.png The magics are being abused. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Avengers Disassembled: Chaos (Part III of IV)"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Disassembled: Chaos (Part III of IV)"

The reserve Avengers have gathered in response to the Avengers emergency call. However, Nick Fury is opposed to their presence, justifying that they are contaminating the crime scene and demands that they disperse. Then suddenly, he receives a call from the United Nations, who announce that they are discontinuing their relationship with the Avengers. Next thing anyone knows is a Kree attack who apparently know that this is a crisis time for the Avengers. Hawkeye takes one for the team, and dies destroying the Kree mothership. Afterwards, all the Kree fighters disappear. Examination of the wreckage determines that it is not even metal. In the aftermath, Dr. Strange shows up claiming that "The Magics are being abused." Captain America then realizes who the culprit is.

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