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Quote1 My theory... Listen to me. This chaos magic -- the source of her new "reality-altering powers..." I am the master of the mystic arts -- and I am telling you... there's no such thing as chaos magic. Please forget we are talking about your friend. And listen to me tell you the story of an orphaned mutant with a sordid, violent past... with powers she did not earn nor can she control... Powers she never fully understood. Can you understand the declicate mindset of a woman, a person, who has control over reality? It means reality controls her. Imagination becomes the enemy. Structure disappears. Reality, eventually, as she knows it, starts to slip away. Elude her. Blur. Drama, conflict, tragedy. They become excuses to change the world to fit the image that she has for it. Anything she doesn't like, she can change. No matter how slight. People. Places. Things. Everything is hers to change. But every time she does that, every time she gives in to her desires, no matter how noble they may be... a little more of her slips away. She loses herself. Her reason. But she struggles quietly every day to keep it in check -- to keep it all together. For a person of strong mind and body, for a person of pure spirit... the task of coping with these powers would be all-consuming. But here's a woman for whom, by the nature of her upbringing and occupation... every day is stressful, chaotic... and after a life lived with lost love, violence, and drama, what does she do? She says to herself: "I deserve happiness. I want to bring something into this world that is good. That I can love." And she gives birth to children... even though she can't. She played mommy to make herself feel like someone she thinks is normal. And that ends tragically as well? If I told you a story like this, you'd say to yourself, this sounds like a person who has lost control of themselves on a deep psychological level. You'd say this sounds like a disturbed person. Now, does anything I have described not sound like Wanda Maximoff? Quote2
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Avengers Disassembled, Chaos (Part IV of IV)"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Disassembled, Chaos (Part IV of IV)"

A flashback shows sometime earlier, right by the Avengers Mansion pool, Wasp confesses to Wanda that she had a pregnancy scare. However, she accidentally let slip that Wanda thought she could have twins. She quickly dismisses the subject and runs off. Wanda later then went to see Agatha Harkness, to ask her as to where her children are.

In the present, Dr. Strange introduces himself to the gathered Avengers and explains that uncontrolled magics are responsible for what has recently happened. He asks if there is any of the Avengers who could cause this level of chaos. Captain America reluctantly confesses that it may be the Scarlet Witch. However, many refuse to believe that she would betray them. Nick Fury asserts that Wanda Maximoff was a terrorist and former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants; Spider-Man also adds that she married Vision, a robot, causing everyone to awkwardly stare at him. Falcon admits that Wanda had numerous amounts of tragedy in her life, including trying to create twin boys who were later erased out of existence by Harkness. Strange, shocked that no one came to him when this happened, elaborates on how Wanda was born with powers over magics is unnatural, as it wasn't through spirituality. Cap even adds that she had trouble controlling her hex powers. Ms. Marvel frantically asks Strange to try and reverse both Hawkeye and Ant-Man's deaths but the answer is that it is impossible. Apparently, because of Wanda's devotion to friends and family, she declined Strange's offer to be his student. Ms. Marvel then adds that recently, Wanda obtained the power of chaos magic, which could bend the probabilities of reality. However, everyone cannot grasp that Wanda would kill the Vision, her own husband. Iron Man then arrives on the scene and explains that Wanda was with him at the U.N. and couldn't have been responsible. Strange then theorizes that she was unconsciously using her powers and has been driven mad by the loss of her children. Now, Wanda has finally decided to extract her revenge against her teammates who stood idly by while her children were whisked out of existence.

The Avengers and Dr. Strange confront the Scarlet Witch in Harkness' home, where she had recreated her children, Vision, a Wonder Man duplicate and Harkness herself. Captain America attempts to reason with Wanda, only for her to conjure up the Red Skull and a platoon of soldiers, who force him out of the house. Wanda then goes outside to see the assembled Avengers. Ms. Marvel demands to her if she knows what she did: killed her own husband and Hawkeye and Ant-Man. Wanda responds by causing mass chaos amongst her friends, with the Hulk appearing out of nowhere, Tigra spontaneously attacking Stingray and multiple Spider-Men. Dr. Strange forces her to stop, using the Eye of Agamatto to render her unconscious. Magneto then shows up and claims his daughter while not a single Avenger voices a protest. Afterwards, the shattered Avengers leave.

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The shocking double-sized conclusion to the comic event of the year! The Avengers come face to face with the enemy that destroyed them and nothing will ever be the same again. A story so big, a regular-sized comic could not contain it! The last page cameo will have the comic world talking for years!


  • Dr. Strange says that the "chaos magic" that Scarlet Witch had been using doesn't exist and that she's merely warping reality. This is later proven to be a misconception by Strange, and that chaos magic was inherited by Wanda as a child touched by a chaos god.

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