Quote1 With your permission, I've suggested he join the Avengers... as my replacement! He calls himself... the Panther!! Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "In the Clutches of... the Collector!"

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Synopsis for "In the Clutches of... the Collector!"

Goliath tries again to cure his size-changing powers using high charges of electricity and is almost killed in the process, but is saved by the Wasp when the off switch stops working. Goliath, Hawkeye and the Wasp are kidnapped by the Collector...and Thor! The Collector previously made Thor drink a potion of obedience. The Collector tries to make Goliath regain his huge size for his collection by having Thor create a thunderstorm, but Goliath's condition doesn't change. To further his collection he looks at Captain America with the Cosmic Viewer, but he is on a mission, far away. He considers the Hulk, but he is in Asgard. He then spots Iron Man and a battle ensues, where Iron Man almost dies. However, the rest of the Avengers are rescued by the Wasp, who has managed to grow again. The Collector pulls out a huge robot, which throws Hawkeye at its control panel, causing it to attack anything that moves. It grabs the Collector, who disappears, then the robot starts destroying the whole ship. Goliath manages to grow and defeat the robot. Thor's mind clears right before the hit that would have killed Iron Man. Thor goes back and rescues the other Avengers from the rapidly falling Collector's Ship and they escape before it explodes. After, they get a message from Captain America, vouching for the Black Panther as his replacement.


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