Quote1 Always, everywhere the X-Men go -- the same maddening distrust of mutants! Sometimes I think Quicksilver had the right idea when he signed back up with Magneto! Quote2
-- Angel

Appearing in "In Battle Joined!"

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Synopsis for "In Battle Joined!"

Continued from X-Men #45...

Cyclops has just defeated Quicksilver in battle within Magneto's fortress when Black Panther, Goliath, Hawkeye and the Wasp of the Avengers arrive. Apparently unaware that their former comrade has rejoined Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Avengers attack Cyclops, who is forced to defend himself against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. As he fights off the Avengers and flees, Cyclops wonders what happened when he sent Angel back to New York to seek the Avengers aid.

Rolling back the clock a few hours, we see when Angel first arrived in New York, he paid a visit to Avengers Mansion where he was easily subdued by the mansion's security system, the resulting alarm bringing Goliath, Wasp, Black Panther and Hawkeye to investigate. Freeing Angel from the trap, they learn that Magneto has the X-Men prisoner and that Wanda and Pietro have also rejoined the Brotherhood. Agreeing to help Angel free his friends, the Avengers take the X-Man aboard one of their crafts to fly to the location of Magneto's base. Along the way, the Wasp spots a spy recorder hidden in Angel's wing, making them believe that Angel must also be in league with Magneto, prompting Goliath to restrain the protesting mutant. This is what brought them to the point where they attacked Cyclops.

As it turns out, Magneto had orchestrated the whole thing and had planted the device on Angel and allowed him to escape so that he might bring his other foes, the Avengers to his base so he might get revenge against them also by tricking them into a battle against the X-Men. Explaining this in an abusive manner to the Toad before Wanda, who wishes she still had her hex powers so that she could defend themselves from Magneto's wrath.

The Avengers meanwhile have shaken off the effects of their fight with Cyclops, and when Goliath checks on Hawkeye, the two get into a brief fisticuffs before cooler heads prevail and the Wasp gets them to focus on their true enemy: Magneto. Hearing that tempers between the Avengers are already strained, Magneto then uses a mental resistance device to effect the X-Men so that they are more inclined to battle the Avengers. They are hit by the effects of this device just as Cyclops has found his comrades and set them all free. Compelled to attack and destroy the Avengers, the X-Men track down the heroes and attack with no restraint. Although the X-Men catch the Avengers off guard, the Avengers gain the upper hand, with Black Panther taking out Beast, Hawkeye downing Iceman, and Goliath defeating Cyclops.

As Magneto furiously watches the events unfold, he and the Toad are suddenly attacked by the Angel, who is then joined by the Avengers. They reveal to Magneto that they had discovered the spy device sooner than they let on and had put on a ruse of incapacitating Angel so that Magneto can get caught off guard. Magneto holds the Avengers at bay and then once more lashes out at Toad, ordering him to set the base to detonate. However, Magneto has pushed the Toad's loyalty too far and the simple-minded mutant sets the base to explode in one minute and then flees the base with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

When Magneto attempts to board their escape craft, Toad steps on Magneto's hand causing him to fall back into the base as the ship flies off. The Avengers carry out the defeated X-Men a safe distance away and watch as the base explodes, seemingly killing Magneto in the process.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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