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Quote1 I play cops'n'robbers... let somebody else play judge'n'jury! Quote2

Appearing in ""The Name is... Yellowjacket!""

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Synopsis for ""The Name is... Yellowjacket!""

A new costumed hero named Yellowjacket has just appeared in New York City, busting up a bunch of crooks from stealing fur coats. His exploits around town gain him media attention, getting positive front-page news in the Daily Bugle due to owner J. Jonah Jameson's approval of said hero.

Meanwhile, the Avengers are giving Black Panther a training session while waiting for Wasp and Goliath to arrive for their morning meeting. When the Wasp shows, but no sign of Goliath, the group dismisses his absence and decide to fill him in when he arrives. The four Avengers present are preoccupied with thoughts of their own: The Wasp dwells on Goliath's devotion to science at the neglect of their relationship; Black Panther's thoughts dwell on the future role of his nation of Wakanda on the world stage; Vision's thoughts are of the fear humanity feels towards him; and Hawkeye's thoughts are about the Black Widow, who has resumed her costume guise to partake in another S.H.I.E.L.D. secret mission.

While the meeting continues, the group are interrupted by the arrival of Yellowjacket, who has broken into the mansion in an attempt to get Avengers membership. When they question Yellowjacket on his foreknowledge that Goliath won't show up for the meeting, he tells them that he killed Goliath, causing the Wasp to faint.

Yellowjacket then tells them that he had broken into Goliath's lab and attacked him as he was busy mulling over his experiments and his relationship with the Wasp. During the fight, Goliath's home is trashed and Yellowjacket gains the upper hand in combat, able to overpower Goliath and blast him with shrinking gas. Shrunken down to ant size, Goliath is left to the mercies of a common house spider. Yellowjacket concludes his tale by saying the last time he saw Goliath he was stuck on the spider's web.

Enraged by this tale the Avengers attack, but Yellowjacket is able to fight them off long enough to grab the Wasp and escape. He takes the Wasp to his hideout, a miniature base that is up in a tree. There, Yellowjacket boasts how they will never find Goliath, and forces Wasp to kiss him. He stops himself and decides that maybe he should let the Wasp go.

Later as the Avengers are searching the city for the Wasp, the team spots her and Yellowjacket as they are exiting city hall. Yellowjacket is attacked, but the Wasp stops them, telling the group that they shouldn't fight Yellowjacket because they're going to be married.


  • The cover image of Yellowjacket was used for his 1975 7-11 Slurpee Cup.

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