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Quote1.png As you know, my first identity was that of the super-small Ant-Man! Then I gained the power to increase my size as well and became Giant-Man... a name I later changed, for reasons I forget, to Goliath! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""And In This Corner... Goliath!""

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Synopsis for ""And In This Corner... Goliath!""

Returning home to Avengers Mansion from Wakanda, the Avengers must make an emergency landing when Black Panther's ship malfunctions. During the scramble to prevent the ship from crashing, Hawkeye's bow breaks. Inside their mansion, they find that Yellowjacket and the Wasp have returned from their honeymoon. Henry Pym explains that he's abandoning the Goliath identity because he has determined that his constant growing beyond his normal height caused his bout of schizophrenia.

Before Yellowjacket has a chance to destroy his most recent size changing formula, the Avengers are contacted by Nick Fury who informs them that during her most recent mission for SHIELD, Black Widow has disappeared. Hawkeye is later contacted in secret by Black Widow who informs him that she's being held captive somewhere. Judging from the noise, Hawkeye deduces that she's being held on Coney Island. Without a bow, Hawkeye decides to take Pym's growth serum and abandoned Goliath costume to take on the identity of the new Goliath.

As Goliath rushes to her rescue, he is being watched by her kidnappers: Egghead, Puppet Master, and the Mad Thinker who are plotting to hold the world hostage with a powerful space station of their own design. They send out a giant robot, holding Black Widow as it's captive, to keep Goliath busy while they make their escape. Goliath destroys the robot and saves Natasha, and the two leave Coney Island to inform the Avengers of the villains plans.


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