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Appearing in ""Mightier Than the Sword?""

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Synopsis for ""Mightier Than the Sword?""

Egghead hires the Swordsman to break into Avengers mansion to get revenge on his old foe Giant-Man, enticing him into going by revealing the young Clint Barton who he trained long ago eventually grew to become the Avenger known as Hawkeye.

Breaking into Avengers mansion and confronting the Avengers, the Swordsman learns that Hawkeye is now calling himself Goliath. Goliath stops the other Avengers from getting involved in his personal battle against the Swordsman, and the two fight one on one. The Swordsman defeats Goliath and captures him, figuring that Barton could have been the Goliath that Egghead always fought (Egghead is not aware at this point that Henry Pym had become Yellowjacket.) Delivering Goliath to Egghead, Egghead refuses to pay the Swordsman because he brought him the wrong man. While the two fight it out, Goliath regains consciousness and easily defeats the two crooks.


  • This issue contains more details on Hawkeye's origin than were revealed in his previous origin in Avengers Vol 1 19.
  • The cover image of the Swordsman was used for his 1975 Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 77.

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