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Quote1 The Avengers -- Hah! Once, they might have posed a threat to Ultron-5! -- But not to a being of living Adamantium! Quote2

Appearing in ""We Stand at Armageddon!""

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Synopsis for ""We Stand at Armageddon!""

Continuing from last issue, Ultron-6 has just been resurrected by the Vision inside Avengers Mansion, the resulting attack causes an explosion. Even with the combined efforts of Thor, Iron Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, Black Panther, the Wasp and Vision (who is now free from Ultron's influence), the robot manages to defeat Earth's mightiest heroes and makes a quick escape, to plot the total destruction of mankind.

Seeking to make up for betraying the Avengers, the Vision follows Ultron back to his base to learn the robots plot: It's attempting to destroy New York City in a giant nuclear explosion. Soon, the Vision is joined by the Avengers who take the sidelines while the Vision battles his creator. However the battle is lost because of the untimely intervention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (who are tracking the Adamantium which Ultron's body is constructed of) arrive and stun the Vision, allowing Ultron to escape, leaving the Avengers to deal with the device set to destroy the whole city.

Solicit Synopsis

To fight the invincible foe — that's the impossible mission of our awesome assemblers, aided by Iron man and the mighty Thor! For . . . Ultron-6 lives!


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