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Appearing in "Worlds Collide: Part Five"

Featured Characters:

  • Vivian (Main story and recap) (Apparent death)
  • Vision (Main story and recap)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Worlds Collide: Part Five"

The combined team of Champions and Avengers travel through the depths of counter-earth to locate the High Evolutionary's machine and prevent Earth and Counter-Earth from colliding. The Vision reflects that since his daughter, Viv, has become human, she will someday die. The team is attacked by a group of the High Evolutionary's Ani-Men. As the two groups battle, Viv comes across the Higher Evolutionary who relates how he is both the High Evolutionary's crowning achievement and greatest failure. He was designed to replace the Ani-Men, however he rebelled when the High Evolutionary revealed his plan to callously exterminate the Ani-Men. As a result of his rebellion, the High Evolutionary trapped him in his subterranean prison. Viv's sympathy empowers the Higher Evolutionary to break free from his bonds, however, he misinterpret's the heroes actions and determines that they are his enemies. With less than a minute until the planets' collision course becomes irreversible, Viv enters the High Evolutionary's machine and sacrifices her life to destroy it, thus saving the two worlds. An unspecified time later, the combined Champions and Avengers silently look over her gravestone.

Solicit Synopsis


• As Earth and Counter-Earth begin to approach one another, the Avengers/Champions team must find some way to avert dual global catastrophes!

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