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Quote1 Even a mountain, you fool, can be dismantled... stone by stone! Quote2
Whizzer (Squadron Sinister)

Appearing in ""When Strikes the Squadron Sinister!""

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Synopsis for ""When Strikes the Squadron Sinister!""

Continuing from the last the year 4000 A.D. the Avengers and Kang await the arrival of a fourth Avenger to aid their comrades Captain America, Thor, and Goliath in their battle against the Squadron Sinister. Kang's men attempt to assassinate the Grandmaster, but to no avail.

While in the present, Cap and the others are joined by Iron Man who has been summoned to be the fourth member of their team. Upon his arrival, the Avengers are told by the Grandmaster each of the Squadron Sinister members' abilities before transporting them to different parts of the world. Grandmaster then explains that his minions are attempting to capture four national monuments: The Statue of Liberty, The Taj Mahal, Big Ben, and the Sphinx. Thor then uses his hammer to transport each Avenger to each of the monuments.

At the Statue of Liberty, Captain America battles against Nighthawk and manages to stop the villain from stealing the statue with his Hawk-plane. In India, Iron Man battles Dr. Spectrum for the Taj Mahal. At first, Dr. Spectrum has the upper hand, but Iron Man eventually defeats him.

In Egypt, Thor battles against Hyperion, who explains that he comes from a Micro-World which was destroyed when the first atom was split by Earth scientists. Thor manages to defeat Hyperion by using his enchanted hammer Mjolnir to shrink Hyperion in size and trap him a sphere of glass.

In England, Goliath runs into Black Knight before taking on the Whizzer, Goliath tells Black Knight to not get involved, however, the Black Knight interferes. This causes the Grandmaster to abruptly end the first phase of the contest, and whisk the combatants away for the second part, leaving the Black Knight behind who vows to help the Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

Nighthawk — Hyperion — the Whizzer — and Dr. Spectrum! Four names that will live in infamy!



  • The story is believed to be an imagined battle between the Avengers and DC Comics' Justice League, with the Squadron Sinister serving as proxies to certain Justice League characters.
  • The Whizzer notes that he took his name from his Golden Age counterpart, just like DC's Flash did. Like Barry Allen, he also believed that the original Whizzer was just a comic book character.

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