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Black Panther

Appearing in "The Sting of the Serpent"

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  • Sons of the Serpent submarines

Synopsis for "The Sting of the Serpent"

As T'Challa is flying back to New York City from Wakanda, the Sons of the Serpent have come back and started targeting prominent black people in the city. After outspoken singer Monica Lynne expresses her opinion about the Sons on the Dan Dunn show, she becomes their next target. The Serpents activities attract the attention of the Avengers, who recount their previous encounter with the group to the Vision.

When Monica Lynne is attacked by the Serpents, she is saved by Black Panther. She later appears on the Dan Dunn show once more to continue voicing her opinion about the Serpents, which makes her more of a target. When the Avengers plan to protect her, the Panther stops them, deciding that he will protect the musician by himself. Approaching Lynne, the Black Panther asks her not to appear on television again the following night, a request she refuses. The Panther spends the rest of the night stalking the city, searching for members of the Sons of the Serpent. When he finds one member, he knocks him out, steals his uniform and sneaks aboard their shuttle craft. He is soon taken to their base, which is a giant mechanical serpent hidden beneath the sea. However, there Black Panther's cover is blown and he is unmasked by the Serpents who hold him at gunpoint.

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The Black Panther battles alone—against the sinister Sons of the Serpent! An instant classic!


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