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Synopsis for "The Warlord and the Witch!"

Jarvis is alerted of an intruder by the Avengers alarm system, however, this intruder turns out to be the former Avenger, Quicksilver, who has come seeking the groups aid. When he learns that the group is not there, he speeds over to the docks where the group is seeing Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne off on a scientific study on the effects on oil fields on wildlife in Alaska.

Quicksilver arrives, and after some initial misunderstanding that leads to Quicksilver fighting the Avengers, he tells them why he has sought them out. He explains that after leaving Magneto, he, his sister the Scarlet Witch and the Toad eventually sought out a means to restore the Witch's lost powers by reading ancient books of magic. While exploring one library of ancient books, they came across one such book. Compelled to incant a particular spell, Wanda transported a being known as Arkon to their world. He states that his first reason for coming to Earth is that he has chosen the Scarlet Witch as his mate. Arkon easily defeats Quicksilver and Toad (striking Toad with one of his thunderbolts, sending him to points unknown.)

After their battle, Arkon explains that he is the ruler of another world which is governed by the glory of combat. It's a world gifted with eternal daylight due to an energy ring that exists around the planet. However, that ring one day dissipated and for the first time, Arkon's world experienced darkness. After a while of helplessness in the dark, light briefly returned. Seeking the advisement of his chief scientist, Arkon learned that it was Earth's use of the atom bomb that has brought the new light source, and that the continuation of life on his planet depends on either yearly nuclear explosions on Earth or an explosion so big that it would destroy the planet. With his story finished, Arkon vows to destroy the Earth, however, he returns back to his own world taking the Scarlet Witch with him.

Just as Quicksilver finishes his story, the Avengers turn their attention to a TV shop where they see a news report that tells that Arkon has appeared at a conference of the worlds leading nuclear physicists, and has abducted a selection of them, "Men whose combined knowledge could be used... to Destroy the Very Earth Itself!!"

Continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

The news you've been waiting for! Quicksilver returns to the Avengers! But—where's the Scarlet Witch? When you find out—you'll know you're in for action plus!


  • Yellowjacket and the Wasp will not appear in this title again until Avengers #90.


  • The cover image of Quicksilver will be used for his 1975 Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 52 as well as merchandising his 1975 7-11 Slurpee cup. In this issue, Pietro dons a distinctive gray version of his earlier green uniform.

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