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Quote1.png You can lord it over the others if you want, Reaper... but do not play high-and-mighty with the Swordsman! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for ""Lo! The Lethal Legion!""

The Avengers, including Thor and Iron Man, are searching for Black Panther, who was abducted by Man-Ape last issue. The Vision dons a human disguise and inquires with the Panther's various civilian contacts. The rest of the team try to learn what other villains are aiding the Man-Ape

The Lethal Legion (the Grim Reaper's new supervillain team comprised of past Avengers foes) plot the next phase of their scheme: the Reaper sends Swordsman and Power Man to strike at the water main beneath Avengers Mansion, and the Man-Ape and the Living Laser to attack a nearby power station. After the villains all scatter, the Panther breaks free and alerts the Avengers to the villains' plots before battling the Grim Reaper on his own.

Goliath and Scarlet Witch enter the sewers to tackle Swordsman and Power Man. At the power station, Captain America and Quicksilver battle Man-Ape and the Living Laser. The heroes are all defeated and placed in a giant hourglass that will bury them in the sand forever. Soon afterward, Power Man arrives with a defeated Vision who is tossed into the mix as well. He also hands the Grim Reaper a file containing detailed information on the Avengers.

Upon reading the file on the Vision, the Grim Reaper freaks out and smashes the glass open, freeing all inside. He realizes too late that this was all was a trick and that the Vision had switched costumes with Power Man.

Once free, the Avengers make short work of the villains. The Vision then reveals that the file related the connection between the Vision and since Grim Reaper's (presumably) deceased brother Simon Williams, the one-time Avenger villain Wonder Man. The Reaper wanted to save the Vision as he was, in a way, a version of his brother.

Solicit Synopsis

The Grim Reaper—Power Man—the Living Laser—Man-Ape—the sinister Swordsman! Put 'em all together and they spell—the Lethal Legion!


  • This issue contains a letters section called "Avengers Assemble!". It comprises one letter from writer/artist Philip Mallory Jones, printed in its entirety (except for one deleted expletive). In it, Jones picks apart issue Vol 1 74 and criticizes its treatment of race. Due to lack of Space, Roy Thomas's reply is printed next issue.
  • Like Captain America last issue, Thor and Iron Man have returned to active duty status on the team sometime although there is no explanation as to when and why this happened. (Their involvement in the story, however, is significantly downplayed, however.)
  • In this issue, the Grim Reaper learns that the Vision's own brainwaves are patterned after his brother Simon's brainwaves. At the time this issue was written, Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man was considered deceased. The notion that the Vision was in a way a "reincarnation" of the Reaper's brother will be the basis for several future storylines.
  • The splash page for this comic is clearly illustrated by Don Heck and not John Buscema.


  • There is a visual error with the artist's cover, The Grim Reaper has no right hand (as depicted).

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