Quote1.png Put away your childish weapons! They are no more than toys to me! Quote2.png
-- Kang the Conqueror

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Synopsis for "Kang, The Conqueror!"

Kang the Conqueror comes to rule Earth. The Avengers attack and are beaten and captured, apart from the Wasp. She and Rick Jones form a plan and get onto Kang's ship and free the Avengers. The Avengers battle Kang again and manage to defeat him by destroying his suit which controls all his weapons. Kang is forced to flee back into his time.


  • In this issue, Captain America's shield is mistakenly described as being made of "steel."
  • Thor was last seen in Journey Into Mystery #108 battling Loki to save Jane Foster.
  • Giant Man and the Wasp were last seen in Tales to Astonish #59, where they battled the Hulk. They also made a brief appearance in Journey Into Mystery #108, where they attempted to aid Thor's battle with Loki.
  • Iron Man last appeared in Tales of Suspense #57 where he battled Hawkeye. He also made a brief appearance in Journey Into Mystery #108 attempting to aid Thor in his battle against Loki
  • Although this is Kang's first appearance under the guise of Kang the Conquerer, as he states in this issue, he was formally known as Rama-Tut. A time-traveler from the year 3000, who was originally trapped in ancient Egypt. He battled the Fantastic Four before escaping into the present back in Fantastic Four #19. In Fantastic Four Annual #2, Rama-Tut ran into Dr. Doom, and this inspired him to take on his guise as Kang the Conquerer.
  • The Teen Brigade last appeared in Avengers #6.
  • Following his defeat, Kang would appear again in Avengers #11, although his future counterpart Immortus would battle the Avengers in Avengers #10. Kang is a major nemesis to the Avengers, as well as the Marvel Universe. He continues to have numerous appearances in Marvel Comics.
  • Thor will appear next in Journey Into Mystery #109.
  • Giant Man and Wasp will appear next in Tales to Astonish #60. They also make a small appearance in Tales of Suspense #58.
  • Iron Man and Captain America would both appear in Tales of Suspense #58.
  • This story is Job# X-767.
  • credits:
    • Written by: Stan Lee (Our Answer to Victor Hugo!)
    • Illustrated by: Jack Kirby (Our Answer to Rembrandt!)
    • Inked by: Dick Ayers (Our Answer to Automation!)
    • Lettered by: Sam Rosen (Our Answer to Artie Simek!)
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  • On Page 20, the Teen Brigade is incorrectly mentioned as being led by Rick Brown, rather than Rick Jones.

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