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Quote1.png There is... no hope! But at least I can die like a warrior! Quote2.png
Red Wolf

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Synopsis for ""When Dies a Legend!""

As Goliath, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Red Wolf fly to Arizona to deal with Cornelius Van Lunt, the other Avengers continue their research into the Zodiac organization, however, the Black Panther departs to resume his responsibilities as a school teacher in his civilian guise.

Arriving in Arizona, the other Avengers are attacked by another craft piloted by a robot, even though the Vision manages to destroy the craft, he fails to prevent it from shooting down his friends' ship. Searching for the others, he only finds an unconscious Scarlet Witch, and the two are soon captured by armed thugs and taken to Van Lunt. While elsewhere, Goliath and Red Wolf have survived the crash as well and have returned to Red Wolf's village to rally the support of his people. However, they too are attacked by Van Lunt's armed goons, but the two heroes easily defeat them and learn the location of Van Lunt's home.

Arriving there, they must battle the Vision (who is being forced to help Van Lunt because he is holding the Scarlet Witch hostage.) During the battle, the Scarlet Witch regains consciousness and turns the tide of battle with her hex powers, with the Witch free the Vision, Red Wolf, and Goliath make short work of Van Lunt's men.

In a final battle between Red Wolf and Van Lunt, both are presumed to be killed in a rock slide near a raging river. Recovering only Red Wolf's mask, the Avengers return it to his people. However, they soon find that Red Wolf survived as he returns to the village in his civilian guise of Will Talltrees. With his people avenged, he has no reason to be the Red Wolf anymore and he and his people set to reclaim their land.

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"When Dies a Legend!" But is it the mysterious Red Wolf who must perish in the final cataclysm - or the mighty Avengers themselves?

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