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Quote1.png They're-- dying, Clint! For some reason we can't begin to fathom-- we've been trapped in a ghostly limbo-- last witness to a doomed and burning Earth! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""The World Is Not for Burning!""

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Synopsis for ""The World Is Not for Burning!""

On the Arkon's world, the Avengers get ready for Thor to use his hammer to send them back to their own world. While the Black Knight is returned to Britain, only Thor and Black Panther appear in New York City. Before the two heroes can begin searching for their missing friends, they end up getting stuck helping Captain America and Spider-Man in a Toys For Tots campaign.

Elsewhere, the other Avengers appear on Earth as ghost-like wraiths and witness the entire world set ablaze from the increasing heat of the sun. Finding a newspaper, they notice that the date is a month in the future, and in an attempt to free themselves, Wanda attempts to use her hex powers. The group then finds themselves transported back to their proper point in history. They walk to what they think is Avengers Mansion, to find that Nighthawk is inside. Thinking he is the Nighthawk of the Squadron Sinister, the Avengers attack him, but Nighthawk manages to getaway. Finding the whole situation suspicious, the Avengers decide to proceed with caution and enter the war room of the mansion. There they run into other members of the Squadron Supreme: Lady Lark, Hawkeye, Tom Thumb, and American Eagle.

After a brief battle, the Avengers soon realize they aren't on their own world when the Squadron gets a message from their other teammates Dr. Spectrum, Hyperion, and Whizzer, explaining that they are launching a satellite called "Brain-Child One" into space. Realizing that the satellite is possibly what will doom this world, the Avengers try to explain the situation but soon find themselves in yet another battle with the Squadron, a battle that the Avengers quickly win.

They take one of the Squadron's ships and take Nighthawk with them to warn the other Squadron members of the danger that the satellite they're about to launch may pose their world.

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A world in imminent peril - as a fiery doomsday draws ever nearer! And only the Avengers can stop it - if they can overcome - the Squadron Sinister!


The Squadron Supreme are featured in the next issue.

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