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Quote1.png He needs but one command -- has but one goal -- that goal: KILL CAPTAIN MARVEL Quote2.png
Ronan the Accuser

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Synopsis for "The Only Good Alien..."

A delirious Captain Marvel is being pursued by Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Vision, who are trying (unsuccessfully) to convince him that they want to help him. After a brief skirmish, Captain Marvel is stunned by a shot fired by Rick Jones. The heroes then rush Mar-Vell to a Cape Kennedy hospital where a decontamination chair is set up just for him. As Mar-Vell is plugged into it and the switch is pulled, Rick hopes for the best -- otherwise he fears he's doomed his longtime friend.

Rick recalls the events leading up to this moment: he was performing onstage when Mar-Vell mentally contacted him. Leaving his gig, Rick was informed by Mar-Vell that he discovered a way to escape from the Negative Zone, where he is exiled whenever Rick is present on Earth. He explained about seeing Mr. Fantastic's most recent adventure in the Negative Zone (from Fantastic Four Vol 1 109) and learned that the Fantastic Four have a means to travel in and out of the Zone. Mar-Vell theorized that this could be a way to free both himself and Rick from their shared existence. Traveling to the Baxter Building, Rick changed places with Mar-Vell so that the Captain could break into the Fantastic Four's headquarters and use the Negative Zone portal to free Rick.

Trespassing in the FF's headquarters sent an alerts to Avengers Mansion. The only available heroes to answer the alarm were Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver since the FF, as well as most of the other Avengers, were away on other missions at the time.

The three Avengers arrived at the Baxter Building just in time to see Captain Marvel succeed in freeing Rick. But he also inadvertently released Annihilus from the Negative Zone as well. The Avengers forced Annihilus back through the Negative Zone portal but in the interim Captain Marvel fled the scene, stealing the Avengers’ quinjet in the process. They soon realized from one of Reed Richards' radiation detection devices that all the time in the Negative Zone exposed Mar-Vell to a strange form of lethal nega-radiation. They therefore had to track him down to help cure him.

In the present, Rick is snapped out of his reverie when the Cape Kennedy doctor explains that the nega-radiation is too strong to drain away, until the Vision suggests that the solar power from his body could possibly fight it off. Setting up a device to channel his own energy into Mar-Vell, the Vision saves Mar-Vell's life but the two are rendered unconscious.

Meanwhile in the Kree galaxy, Ronan the Accuser has broken into the chamber of the Supreme Intelligence in a coup. He reveals to the Intelligence that his hated foe, Captain Marvel, is back on Earth in a weakened state. Ronan broadcasts a signal that revives the Kree Sentry which is currently being stored at Cape Kennedy. The Sentry fights its way into Mar-Vell’s hospital room intent on destroying him.

The story continues in the next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

The greatest menace of all - unleashed! But are we talking about Annihilus - or the sinister Sentry - or - Captain Marvel? This one is action, front to finish!


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