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Quote1 I've never felt so alive -- so charged with sheer power!! Quote2
Wonder Man

Appearing in "The Coming Of The...Wonder Man!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Advanced-designed Jet
  • Wonder Man's rocket belt


Synopsis for "The Coming Of The...Wonder Man!"

Baron Zemo, the Executioner and the Enchantress scheme on how to defeat the Avengers. They notice in the news that Simon Williams, arrested for embezzling money, blames Tony Stark. They agree to help him get revenge on Stark as Iron Man is his bodyguard (they are unaware they are one and the same). They take Williams to the Amazon Jungle and use a machine on him which makes him all-powerful, but to keep him under control, Zemo poisons him and only he knows the antidote.

They stage a battle against the Avengers where Wonder Man aids the Avengers, to earn their trust. He explains the illness he has and the Avengers work to find a cure. The Wasp is taken captive and the Avengers go to save her, only to be betrayed by Wonder Man. The Masters of Evil come very close to defeating the Avengers, until Wonder Man turns on Zemo. His change of heart is due to the Avengers doing all they could to save him, even though they didn't know him. Wonder Man saves the Avengers, but subsequently dies from Zemo's poison.


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