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Synopsis for "Judgment Day"

From the distant Kree homeworld, Ronan the Accuser has reactivated the Kree Sentry on Earth and dispatched him to kill the weakened Captain Marvel. Tracking Mar-Vell to Cape Kennedy hospital, the Sentry battles the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision. The Sentry easily defies the three Avengers’ best efforts to fend it off.

During the battle, the Sentry's mission is changed. He is ordered to capture Mar-Vell instead and initiate plan Atavus. The Avengers prove no match for the Sentry and it manages to teleport away with an unconscious Mar-Vell as its prisoner.

After reporting the incident to Carol Danvers, the Avengers begin a search for Mar-Vell. Along the way, Rick Jones explains the history of the Kree Sentry they just battled: how it was brought to Earth by early Kree explorers and was accidentally awakened in modern times by the Fantastic Four, causing the Kree to once again become interested in Earth. Rick also explains the story of Mar-Vell's arrival on Earth and his subsequent bonding with the hero.

When the three Avengers and Rick return to Avengers Mansion, they view a recorded message from Goliath, asking them to join him in answering a distress call made by the Wasp. The message was recorded several hours earlier, while the team was preoccupied with Mar-Vell.

The scene shifts to Alaska, where Goliath arrives to find the Wasp alone. She explains that while she and Hank (her husband and the Avenger Yellowjacket) were exploring the Arctic Circle in search of missing members of a science expedition, they came across an inexplicable tropical jungle. Summoning one of the island's prehistoric insects, they attempted to ride closer until they began feeling a strange sensation. Yellowjacket then knocked the Wasp out and ordered the insect to carry her away from the scene. When she came to, she was outside the jungle while Yellowjacket was nowhere to be found.

Goliath charges into the jungle in search of Yellowjacket and finds many strange, prehistoric creatures. He is attacked by Ronan and the Sentry who render him unconscious.

When the other three Avengers and Rick arrive on the scene, they (along with the Wasp) penetrate the jungle as well and discover that the Sentry has turned Goliath into its slave. Fighting breaks out; the Wasp tries to take on Goliath but gets knocked out. She is momentarily forgotten as the fight rages on. But soon enough, she is found by Yellowjacket who has been de-evolved into a primate being.

The story continues in the next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

This issues's got it all! The star-spawned Kree - the Sentry Sinister - plus the long-awaited comeback of Yellowjacket and the Wasp! Then, suddenly - Judgement Day!


  • In this issue, Janet Pym is backhanded into unconsciousness by her teammates twice. The Second being by Goliath, while he is under mental domination. The First is by her own husband Hank Pym, just because he was in too much of a rush to explain to her why it was important to turn back, while he put himself in danger.

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