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What about the race that built the citadel? Will they ever come back?
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Hank Pym
If they do, Honey, then Hank Pym will fight them with a test tube-- the Avengers with super-powers.
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And a prayer, old buddy. Don't forget that.
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Appearing in "Take One Giant Step -- Backward!"

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Synopsis for "Take One Giant Step -- Backward!"

In an inexplicable tropical jungle at the North Pole, three Avengers - Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Vision - and Rick Jones battle Ronan the Accuser, the Kree Sentry and a brainwashed Goliath. The Kree hero Captain Marvel is already Ronan’s prisoner.

The Wasp had already been knocked out during the battle. She is found by Yellowjacket, who had been de-evolved into a primate form.

While the Avengers hold their own against the Sentry and Goliath, Ronan explains that he intends to de-evolve the human race so that the Kree can take over the Earth. As the battle rages on, Goliath is defeated but Scarlet Witch and the Vision are taken hostage.

Imprisoned within Ronan’s ship, Wanda and the Vision come close to expressing their mutual, secret feelings for each other. Elsewhere, the primate Yellowjacket protects the Wasp from several other primate beings (who are the missing members of a science expedition whom Hank and Jan were searching for in the first place).

Quicksilver and Rick invade Ronan's ship and free Captain Marvel and their teammates. Ronan is forced to abandon the fight and flee when he is contacted by his troops in space, who inform him that the Skrulls have invaded Kree space.

Upon Ronan's departure, the Sentry shuts down once more and the devices maintaining the tropical zone and de-evolving the humans are reversed. Goliath shakes off Ronan's mind control while Yellowjacket and the other de-evolved expedition members revert back to their normal selves. But all those present are concerned that this is not the last they’ve seen of the Kree...

Solicit Synopsis

The sinister Kree strike from space! Their aim - to hurl the human race back to the dawn of time! And worst of all, it's Avenger vs. Avenger - for the sake of a planet!


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