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Quote1.png Thus, by authority of our by-laws, we three hereby declare the Avengers disbanded -- for all time. Quote2.png
"Captain America"

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Synopsis for "All Things Must End!"

The Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the Vision are enjoying some downtime after their last mission when Jarvis bursts in with a newspaper reporting on their recent adventure in the Arctic (from the last issue). The men they saved have told their story to the media, provoking hysteria about alien invaders.

Goliath arrives and alerts his teammates to a television interview with H. Warren Craddock, who has been appointed head of the U.S.’s newly formed Alien Activities Commission. Craddock vows to seek out and destroy every alien on the planet, stating that he has reports of 153 individuals suspected of being alien spies and that he will check every source, including Avengers Mansion.

The Avengers are then joined by Captain Marvel and Rick Jones and debate what to do about the current situation when they are alerted of the arrival of Carol Danvers. When her helicopter almost crashes into the roof, Captain Marvel and the Avengers save her and bring her inside The Avengers and Rick convince Mar-Vell to go into hiding with Carol until things are straightened out. The pair have to escape a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet battalion in order to do so, however.

The Avengers are subpoenaed to answer a committee of government officials in Washington about their recent involvement with the Kree race. During the inquiry, Rick receives a mental image that Mar-Vell is in trouble and bursts out of the room. Craddock wants Jones found and orders the meeting adjourned for the afternoon.

The Avengers return to the mansion only to find that protesters have broken in and trashed it. While helping Jarvis straighten up, they are visited by Captain America, Iron Man and Thor who decree that the Avengers are being disbanded because of their shameful, disloyal actions in aiding the non-human Captain Marvel to escape from SHIELD. They order them to leave the mansion immediately.

The story continues in the next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

Our assemblers - scorned by an earth they saved! Captain Marvel - a hunted renegade! And then - the Avengers disbanded!


  • The Captain America, Thor and Iron Man who appear this issue are revealed to be Skrulls next issue: Avengers 93.
  • On page 9 panel 5, Nick Fury appears without his eyepatch.
  • In this issue, Clint Barton intervenes in an apparent assault, but it's actually a ruse to give him a court summons. He says that this same trick had been pulled on Daredevil, which occurred in Daredevil #71.


  • The character H. Warren Craddock is a caricature of the real-life Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Alien Activities Commission is likewise a parody of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). In the early 1950s, Senator McCarthy claimed to have a similar list of names of government officials who were secret communists and espionage agents for the Soviet Union. McCarthy was appointed head of HUAC to investigate presumed communist infiltrators in the U.S. and similarly fanned hysteria about communist invaders in order to exert political power.

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