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Synopsis for "Something Inhuman This Way Comes..!"

Triton the Inhuman emerges from the Hudson River and races through the city. On his way, he is accosted by a mob of angry citizens as well as hostile police officers who hunt him in the street. The sewers provide him his only means of escape. When he re-emerges from the sewers, Triton finds himself near the perimeter of Avenger's Mansion just as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents equipped with Mandroid Armor are fighting against the Avengers.

At first, it would appear as if the Avengers are going to be defeated by the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But after re-routing the energy from his own power pods into the Mandroid Armor, Iron Man is able to shut down their opponent’s battle suits. H. Warren Craddock, the senator responsible for ordering the Avengers’ arrest, is furious.

After the battle, Triton explains that he originally intended to seek out the Fantastic Four but stumbled on the Avengers by chance. In need of any aid he could get, Triton asks the Avengers to assist him in retrieving Black Bolt who has been exiled to San Francisco. He explains that Black Bolt's brother, the insane Maximus, has taken over the Hidden City of the Inhumans and Black Bolt is needed to overthrow him.

The Vision is against the idea of helping the Inhumans while their fellow Avengers are being held prisoner by the Skrulls in space. Iron Man however believes it is their duty to help the Inhumans in their hour of need. In the end, it is decided that the Avengers will split into two teams to accomplish their goals: one team comprised of Captain America, Goliath, and Rick Jones will travel to San Francisco with Triton to aid the Inhumans while the other team, consisting of Thor, Iron Man and the Vision, will journey into space to search for the missing Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Captain Marvel.

In San Francisco, Black Bolt and his friend Joey are pinned down in a dilapidated structure while a street gang (who want to exploit Black Bolt's abilities) pursue them. Just as the scuffle begins, Joey is taken hostage by the gang's leader -- but not for long as Captain America throws his shield. It bounces off the wall of the building, taking out the crook before they can shoot. After the skirmish, Black Bolt is in a hurry to return to Attilan to stop his mad brother Maximus. He and the Avengers board the Quinjet to fly there.

Black Bolt thinks back to a time when he discovered Maximus doing a shady deal with the inter-galactic Kree that would have the Inhumans be their regents when they took over the Earth. Black Bolt sprung into action and used his incredible sonic voice to cause the Kree ship to crash. Sadly the crash also caused the death of Blackagar and Maximus' parents, which thereby causing Maximus' mind to snap with madness.

Meanwhile back at Avenger's Mansion, the other team briefly resume the fight with the Mandroids before deciding that it’s for the best that they go to Attilan instead of heading towards the stars. Upon arriving outside the Great Refuge, they are prevented from entering the city by a large black dome. it isn't until the other team arrives that Black Bolt is able to shatter it with his voice.

Inside the city, the Avengers find an Inhuman war party awaiting them, their minds compromised by Maximus. After a quick battle and some words from Black Bolt, the Inhumans lay down their arms. In the royal chamber, the Avengers discover Maximus making yet another deal with the Kree. They battle Maximus and the Kree force. Maximus is dethroned and Black Bolt resumes his place as the rightful leader of the Inhumans. But during the battle, however, the Kree envoy manage to escape and takes Rick Jones with him. Maximus reverts to his insane self while the Avengers vow to travel into space to rescue their captured comrades and stop the Kree and the Skrulls.

The story is continued in the next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

The wildest one yet! The Avengers tackle the Evil Inhumans - amid the Great Refuge itself! Guest-starring Black Bolt - and Triton!


  • This issue continues the story from last issue, but begins by showing some events occurring to Triton prior to his arrival at Avengers Mansion.
  • As with many of the issues from this storyline, the title is an homage to a science-fiction novel or film. This title is a callback to Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes."
  • This story crosses over with the Inhumans stories in Amazing Adventures Vol 1 5-8. Neal Adams was also part of the creative team for that series.


  • The Editor promises to reveal how Black Bolt and Joey came to be imperilled by an angry group of people. However, these events were never revealed. (Neal Adams leaves this title after the next issue).

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