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But, there'll be no more bloodshed here this night. Not whilst Thor hath the power to prevent it.
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Ah, but thou hast not that power, thunder god... nor ever truly did!
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What--? You! Ares... the Grecian god of war!
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Appearing in ""Let Slip the Dogs of War!""

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Synopsis for ""Let Slip the Dogs of War!""

Back on Earth after their involvement in the Kree-Skrull War, the Avengers begin a search for their missing teammate, Goliath. The search is preempted, however, when the team hears news of a group calling themselves the Warhawks, led by Mr. Tallon, who is responsible for a riot where all involved seemed compelled to act out violently.

Investigating the riot, the Avengers themselves become the victims of the epidemic of violence, which they realize is being caused by Mr. Tallon's flute-playing minions. When Thor arrives, he reveals that "Mr. Tallon" is actually Ares, the ancient Greek god of war. With the help of the Avengers, the flute-playing minions (real satyrs from Olympus) are taken out and everybody reverts back to normal. Ares escapes, however.

The Avengers wonder about an arrow that was shot that aided them in defeating their opponents. they soon find it was shot by their missing teammate who has taken on the role of Hawkeye once more, albeit in a new, more revealing costume. Hawkeye explains how he defeated the Skrull ship, but was hurled via space/time warp back to Earth, landing in Europe several months ago. After spending a few months working for a traveling carnival, he only just managed to make his way back to the States.

Hawkeye has also brought along with him an amnesiac Hercules whom he found working at the carnival. The dazed demigod rants about the coming of impending doom.

The story is continued in the next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

Here come - the Warhawks. And wait'll you learn the identity of their mysterious leader! Plus - two long-lost Avengers return to the fold!


  • Hawkeye returns to the team attired in a mask-less, light blue carnival/Steve Reeves type outfit. He will retain this uniform until he goes back to his original purple uniform in Avengers #109.


  • Ares' human guise, Mr. Tallon, is given the name "Warhawk" on the cover of this issue and in Avengers #100.

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