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Quote1 By the way, boys, I'm glad they taught you some English back in Skrull city... But my name ain't "fool"... It's Hawkeye! Quote2
Hawkeye to Skrulls

Appearing in "-- They First Make Mad!"

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  • Skrull warship (Destruction) (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "-- They First Make Mad!"

While the Avengers attempt to restore the amnesiac Hercules’ memories, Hawkeye fills the Avengers in on how he returned to Earth, why he resumed his Hawkeye identity, and how he found Hercules.

During the climax of the Kree-Skrull War, Goliath (Hawkeye) was ordered to stop a Skrull ship that was sent to destroy the Earth. Boarding the ship, he realized that he was out of growth tablets and had to resort to his old archery skills in order to battle the Skrull warriors.

After destroying the alien ship, he crash-landed an escape pod in Yugoslavia where he was found by a circus troupe. He joined them as payment for transportation and supplies until he could get to the nearest town and arrange to travel back to the United States. During his time with the circus, he realized that the strong man was really the former Avenger Hercules. Hawkeye eventually convinced him to join him on his trip back to America.

With his story finished, the Avengers consult their scientist members (the Black Panther and Ant-Man) for solutions to restore Hercules' memories, to no avail.

While all this is transpiring, Hawkeye (who is unaware of the romance that has been fomenting between Wanda and the Vision) professes his love to a surprised Scarlet Witch. The Vision happens to witness the archer’s declaration from afar but departs without either Clint or Wanda seeing.

Just then, Avengers Mansion is attacked by Kratos and Bia, Olympian warriors seeking to reclaim Hercules for Ares. During the battle, the Scarlet Witch is injured. The Vision and Hawkeye almost come to blows over who will aid their injured teammate.

Ultimately, the Avengers fight off the Olympian warriors who do manage flee the battle with Hercules as their prisoner. Afterward, the Avengers vow to go to Olympus in order to prevent Hercules’ prophecy of doom from coming true.

Solicit Synopsis

Hawkeye returns to the fold! Hercules in torment! This one paves the way for perhaps the greatest hundredth issue of all!


  • Cover art: pencils by Buscema and Smith, inks by Smith.
  • Kevin O'Brian's name is incorrectly spelled "O'Brien" in this issue.
  • Quicksilver reads "Fear", a novella by L. Ron Hubbard in this issue.


The title comes from a line, "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad", which is spoken by Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Masque of Pandora".

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