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Fairchild (Caitlin Fairchild)

Appearing in "World War 3 Part 2: Winning and Losing"

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Synopsis for "World War 3 Part 2: Winning and Losing"

All available heroes are gathered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to meet with Mr. Fantastic. Iron Man (last seen in Yugoslavia) and Nomad (Steve Rogers, formerly Captain America) are not contacted, and WetWorks is unavailable.

Reed Richards reveals to the assembled heroes the unreality of their world ("As crazy as this sounds, the past we know might be a figment of the present's imagination."), held static by locks created by Doctor Doom. The decision is made to attempt to split reality back into two separate worlds.

WetWorks fight bio-weapon enhanced aliens in Venice, Italy, and are aided by Iron Man. WetWorks & Iron Man are teleported to the assembly of heroes. Doctor Doom, Helspont, and the Skrull's High-Emissary spy on the heroes and learn that a vast group of them will soon be aboard the StormWatch satellite.

Ben Grimm and Deathblow compare notes in the Negative Zone.

The heroes split up, with Mister Fantastic leading the Avengers (Thor, Spartan, Scarlet Witch, and Hellstrike) and Stormwatch (Jenny Sparks, Triton, Weatherman, Fuji, and Winter) into the Negative Zone, leaving Brass, the Vision, Swordsman, and Jack Hawksmoor to defend the Baxter Building.

The Skrull Space Fleet destroys the StormWatch satellite with John Lynch, Dane Whitman, Lord Emp, Iron Man, Karvak, Maul, the Invisible Woman, Lord Emp, Burn-Out, Freefall, Caitlin Fairchild, and at least four of the seven members of WetWorks on board.


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