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Synopsis for "In Love & War"

Continued from last issue...

With the Avengers captured by the 31st Century tyrant known as Kang the Conqueror, Nick Fury leads a SHIELD unit on the counter attack in the hopes of freeing the heroes, however they prove incapable of matching the high tech weapons that Kang's ship is armed with. As Kang's lover Mantis watches on, she is surprised to find that the SHIELD agents continue to resist him even though they are overpowered.

While on Avengers Island, Janet van Dyne rushes into Henry Pym's lab to ask him if he's heard about the attack on New York by Kang. When Pym seems too engrossed in his work Ultron-3 attempts to comfort Janet, who does not receive the affection very well, prompting her to tell the robot not to touch her, this display Pym finds odd because he never programmed Ultron to respond in such a way.

Back aboard Kang's ship, the Avengers are kept in stasis, trapped but still able to think. Thor, begins to call out to his hammer causing it to fire bolts of lightning that free the Avengers from their captivity. While back at Avengers Island, a being who appears to be Agatha Harkness comes to the island and walks right past security using her magic to get past the islands defenses. While at the exact same moment the real Agatha Harkness and her familiar Ebony are incapacitated by Loki.

While back in Central Park, the Avengers counter-attack Kang, eventually managing to free Cap, Swordsman, and Hawkeye's weapons from Kang and get the better of him in battle. The Avengers then easily over power Kang who finds himself at the end of the Swordsman's blade. Before the Swordsman can strike a killing blow, Mantis rushes to her lovers side and begs them not to kill him, to take her life instead of his. Captain America steps in then and tells them all to stand down as the Avengers do not kill. With the battle over Kang and Mantis teleport away. In the aftermath of the battle, the Swordsman seems to recall meeting Mantis in the past but he cannot recall when and where.

Just then, Kang's ship then ejects the Vision before disappearing, when the android crash lands in Central Park in a explosive fireball, the Scarlet Witch rushes to his side to find the android heavily damaged.


  • It is implied that Mantis and the Swordsman share a history together. This plot thread is dropped after this issue and never explored further.

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