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Quote1.png But on this day, If a god hath indeed met a "hulk". Then this hulk must fall. Quote2.png

Appearing in "...Let No Man Tear Asunder!"

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Synopsis for "...Let No Man Tear Asunder!"

Continued from last issue...

The Hulk has defeated all the other Avengers, leaving Avengers Island at the mercy of the brute as it continues to search for Bruce Banner -- completely unaware of the fact that he and Banner are one and the same. Before he can rampage further, the Hulk is attacked by Thor who catches the creature off guard. Although Thor initially has the upper hand, the Hulk manages to knock him out, Thor dropping his hammer in the process.

Seeing the Mjolnir as a potential weapon, the Hulk attempts to pick it up, however despite all his strength the green giant fails at lifting up the weapon. Thor revives and reclaims his weapon and summons up all the power of the storms to increase his strength. The resulting battle causes massive damage to Avengers Island, bringing in Nick Fury, SHIELD and the Avengers government liaison Henry Gyrich to the scene. Assessing the situation, SHIELD agent Carlos Smith informs Nick Fury that the battle between the Hulk and Thor has caused a crack in the gamma core that powers Avengers Island, if the core reaches critical mass it would destroy the entire eastern United States.

Below, Thor has fought off the Hulk for the time being and has begun trying to dig up his comrades, however the Hulk revives and begins fighting Thor again. The battle takes them from room to room and dangerously close to the deactivate Vision, where unknown to all -- Henry Pym is inside trying to effect repairs. Thor manages to beat the Hulk into a stagger, however this only works to make the Hulk angry, which only increases his strength. Landing a series of blows on the thunder god, Hulk manages to knock Thor out completely. With all the Avengers defeated, there is nobody who can contain the breach in the gamma core which is growing dangerously closer to critical mass.

This story is continued in Fantastic Four (Vol. 2) #6...


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