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Quote1.png You control the WEATHER and you think you can fool people into thinking you're a GOD! But I'm Firebrand -- I am the UNFETTERED FURY of the world itself, crying for JUSTICE! Quote2.png
Firebrand battling Thor

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Synopsis for "Our Top Story Tonight"

Ultron watches an episode of The All-New It's Amazing on the Avengers to keep an eye on them. As the television show progress, we see that Firestar and Justice are watching it from their home, Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch are watching it aboard an Avenger's Quinjet, and Triathlon and Jonathan Tremont are watching it at the Triune Understanding Headquarters. When Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch arrive at the hospital where Wonder Man's brother the Grim Reaper is being cared for, they exit the Quinjet only to discover that the hospital has been attacked and left in ruins by robots. Most of the people are either injured or killed, except the Grim Reaper who was kidnapped.

The The All-New It's Amazing episode recaps the history of the team from Onslaught to the present, then follows the team on a live mission against Flaming Sword. The eco-terrorists are holding Osborn Chemical Vice President Mister Standish hostage until Osborn Chemical agrees to quit abusing third world nations. After the Avengers defeat the villains, a team of reporters from various television news stations ask a slew of questions, many of which are designed to paint the team in a negative light. With that, the episode of The All-New It's Amazing ends and Ultron gloats of the Avenger's impending troubles at his hands. We then see Ultron on a computer monitor, where a female electronic voice and a metalic hand gloats that Ultron will be the one facing real troubles.


  • Published by Wizard Entertainment.
  • It served as a prelude to the Ultron Unlimited arc (Avengers Vol 1 1922) and continued several ongoing subplots.
  • Also includes "The History of Ultron", a four-page story reprinting the important bullet-points in Ultron's history panel-by-unattributed-panel.

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