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Quote1.png Hah! Your "help"! Worse than nothing, Avengers! And I have no intention of fighting you myself! Meet your accusers, killers-- Meet your executioners! Captain Marvel! Doctor Druid! Hellcat! Mockingbird! Swordsman! Thunderstrike! And one who you thought had returned to you-- Who you used as a weapon and have not a moment's more thought to! Wonder Man! Quote2.png
Grim Reaper

Appearing in "Pomp and Pageantry"

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Synopsis for "Pomp and Pageantry"

The New York city citizens celebrate the Avengers' anniversary with a parade and ceremony. Meanwhile, Wanda visits Agatha Harkness and delves into her past and learns what she must do to bring back Wonder Man permanently. The celebrations are interrupted by the Grim Reaper and his new Legion of the Unliving, who defeat the Avengers.

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