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Quote1.png You made one mistake, Eric. I'm sure you thought it poetic to use us as your puppets -- but we're AVENGERS. And Avengers will oppose you -- to the bitter end -- and BEYOND. Quote2.png
Wonder Man

Appearing in "...Always An Avenger!"

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Synopsis for "...Always An Avenger!"

Scarlet Witch returns to Avengers Mansion only to be captured by the Unliving Legion. Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper has established a mystic force wall around central park and gloats over the fallen Avengers. However, Wanda successfully taps into the good nature of the Unliving Legion that was suppressed by the Grim Reaper and she frees them. They freed the Avengers and together they keep the Grim Reaper busy while Wanda turns her chaos magic to restoring Wonder Man to life. Wonder Man then helps take his brother out of action.


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