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Quote1.png Pardon the interruption, Angelica-- But I've got some new business. First, I'm back to active duty-- Tony Stark's reworked my armor to eliminate the problems I'd been having with it. And he's done a little research, too-- Analyzing the energy-residue left behind after Lord Templar's appearances, and he may have come up with a way to track him down! Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Three-Fold Path"

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  • Sky-Skimmer (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Three-Fold Path"

Thanks to Iron Man's timely return, the Avengers are able to track the residue from Lord Templar's energy to a dedication ceremony from a religious organization called the Triune Understanding. They meet up with Triathlon, who is one of the Triune Understanding's leading spokesmen. Pagan shows up and the Avengers engage him, but can't defeat him. However, Lord Templar also shows up but he attacks Pagan and seems to defeat him. Unfortunately, the Avengers bear the brunt of Triune Understanding's spin doctor, Jonathan Tremont, who seems to have a pretty cozy relationship with Lord Templar.

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