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Wonder Man to Justice

Appearing in "Mistaken Identity"

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Synopsis for "Mistaken Identity"

The Wrecking Crew's mysterious benefactor, who freed them from prison, needs their services to capture Ms. Marvel. However, the Wrecker misunderstands and begins a rampage in New Orleans to draw out Captain Marvel, now called Photon. Black Knight stops by to say hello and is just in time to help because Photon appears asking for the Avengers' assistance against the Wrecking Crew. They make their way to New Orleans and engage the Wrecking Crew. However, the Wrecking Crew get their hands on Photon. The mysterious benefactor realizes their mistake and kidnaps Ms. Marvel himself. To cover his tracks, he banishes the Wrecking Crew and Photon!

Solicit Synopsis

  • You wanted her, you got her - PHOTON is back! But someone else wants her as well, and he's dispatched the WRECKING CREW to bring her - and the rest of the AVENGERS - down!


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