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Quote1.png But come in, come in -- I'm glad you could make it so quickly! I was getting bored with no one but the Panther here to play with! Quote2.png

Appearing in "This Evil Renewed"

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Synopsis for "This Evil Renewed"

Justice and Firestar move into the Avengers' mansion. The Wasp dramatically breaks up a news conference and tells the Avengers that Hank Pym has been kidnapped. The Avengers then scramble and make their way to the Wakanda Design group plant where an adamantium being is rampaging. The adamantium being turns out to be Alkhema-2, and not Ultron, but she's keen on beating Ultron to the Avengers and destroying them. After an all-out force attack, Wanda completely short circuits Alkhema-2. Meanwhile, Ultron and his robot constructs have leveled the capital city of a small Baltic country.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The GRIM REAPER has been kidnapped! HENRY PYM is missing! An adamantium-sheathed robot is throwing around the BLACK PANTHER! To the assembled AVENGERS, it all adds up to one thing: ULTRON is back!!

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