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Quote1.png I don't believe my secret identity takes precedence over this. I'm Warbird, and I'm... I'm an alcoholic. I was fighting drunk, enraged. I'd gone after Iron Man, for an imagined slight-- And I dropkicked him through the wing of the airplane. I didn't know the plane was there, we got it down safely, and nobody was injured, but that's not the point. The point is that I was drunk, and that I did it. I regret my lapse of judgement-- My destructive behavior-- More than you can know. With Iron Man's help and support, I've joined Alcoholics Anonymous-- And recently gotten my 30-day Sobriety Chip. I stand ready to take responsibility for my actions, in whatever manner this tribunal decides. Quote2.png
Carol Danvers

Appearing in "...Under Cover of Night!"

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Synopsis for "...Under Cover of Night!"

Captain America recruits his own team of Avengers to infiltrate the New York headquarters of the Triune Understanding. Unfortunately, Captain America turns out to be the Taskmaster in disguise and he succeeds in having them blamed for the destruction of the headquarters, which adds more pressure to the public outrage against the Avengers.

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