Quote1 I've respected the Avengers for years, and looked up to them. Ordinarily, I'd be honored to join your ranks. But this kind of "honor," I don't want -- And I'm going to think long and hard about the respect. I will join for one reason, and one reason only. I'm going to prove your wrong -- Wrong about me, wrong about the Triunes -- And then I'm going to rub your noses in it! You hear me in there, Iron Man -- Or does that helmet of yours filter out uncomfortable sounds, along with anything else you don't want to let in? Quote2
-- Triathlon

Appearing in "New Order"

Featured Characters:

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  • Anti-mutant protesters
  • Eagle Rider of Kulan Gath

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Synopsis for "New Order"

The Avengers are forced by an outraged public to make a line-up change. Government liaison Duane Freeman wrestles with the core members to create a new lineup that is politically sensitive. Iron Man can't shake a gut feeling that the Triune Understanding is behind this entire event, but can't find any proof. Disgusted with this attempt to please the media, Thor leaves the active roster. Firestar and Justice exit as well in hopes of spending more time with each other. Wonder-Man also steps down as an active member. The lineup of Goliath (Henry Pym), Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Triathlon, Wasp, and Warbird is revealed to the public.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Due to the events of the last few issues, the Avengers are forced to change their line-up! And of the crime-fighters who assemble at the beginning of this issue, two will remain on the team! Who will stay and who will go?


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