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Quote1.png Fools! Flee this place, intruders-- Flee, if you value your pathetic, worthless lives! I have dominion over this land-- Total dominion of both the land and its people! And soon, I will command more still-- The very power of the Earth itself! Do not challenge me, fools, on pain of death! Simply go-- And darken my realm... Nevermore! Quote2.png
Kulan Gath to Avengers

Appearing in "Long Shadows of Forgotten Spires"

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Synopsis for "Long Shadows of Forgotten Spires"

The Avengers do a bit of charity work for the Maria Stark Foundation and earn some much needed good PR. Silverclaw must return to her homeland to face a mysterious threat and the Avengers aren't about to let her go alone. Her home village has been radically transformed in a magical city under the control of the wizard Kulan Gath. He has erected a mystical barrier around the city that transforms any who enter into sword and sorcery versions of themselves with allegiance to Gath. They regroup outside the city and Iron Man attempts to bury the hatchet with Triathlon, but he doesn't listen.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Responding to a distress call, the Avengers (sporting their new line-up), rocket off to Costa Verde - and run afoul of the sorcerer known as Kulan Gath! The last time he was in our time he transformed Manhattan into a Hyborean-age city full of barbarians... what designs does he have now - and how do they relate to the Volcano God and the origin of Silverclaw?


  • Part 1 of "The Death-Song of Kulan Gath" storyline.


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