Quote1.png Well, now. That was fun. But I wonder-- What kind of trouble can I get into next--? Quote2.png
-- Yellowjacket

Appearing in "The Death-Song of Kulan Gath: Conclusion!"

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Synopsis for "The Death-Song of Kulan Gath: Conclusion!"

Kulan Gath prepares an elaborate ceremony in which the goddess Peliali, Silverclaw's mother, and the Avengers are to be sacrificed to the Dark Gods as payment for his ascension into godhood. The Avengers manage to get free and battle Gath's slaves. Silverclaw restores her mother's power by appeal to her people who see beyond Gath's magic. Gath is torn apart by the Dark Gods, but Peliali was fatally injured. The lurking figure in last few issues turns out to be Yellowjacket, but his relation to Pym isn't explained.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Earth's Mightiest Heroes lead Costa Verde's army in an all-out assault on the fortress of the sinister sorcerer Kulan Gath!


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