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| Inker1_1 = Chris Ivy
| Inker1_1 = Chris Ivy
| Colourist1_1 =
| Colourist1_1 =
| Letterer1_1 =
| Letterer1_1 = Richard Starkings
| Letterer1_2 = Albert Deschesne
| Quotation =
| Quotation =

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Appearing in "Interstellar Intrigues"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Interstellar Intrigues"

The Avengers Infinity make their way to Selandiar and confront the Imperial Majestrix Lilandra over the recent decision to quarantine the Earth and make it a prison planet. While they wait for their appeal to be heard, they are attacked by Ruul agents and are overwhelmed. The Supreme Intelligence gloats over the captured Avengers and tells them how he used the Forever Crystal to change a subset of his Kree subjects into the Ruul and develop their ability to adapt to any circumstance.

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