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Appearing in "Above and Beyond"

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Synopsis for "Above and Beyond"

The Avengers launch into a new offensive against the known super criminal element under a new direction from Wasp and Captain America against the Taskmaster. The Vision and Warbird go out on a date. Yellowjacket has kidnaped the real Pym and taken his place among the Avengers. Meanwhile, Diablo has put into motion his latest schemes and has transformed the population of a small Greek town into Hulk-like creatures.


  • In this issue Iron Man uses roller wheels attached to the back of his armor. This innovation has not been used since Tales of Suspense Vol 1 44 with the Iron Man Armor Model 1 model. It has not been listed in future nomenclatures or "Iron Manuals". Apparently, the Model 1 innovation was placed on this Model 4 armor.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble. Letters are published from David Morgan, Narridor Singh Bagra, Matt Valenti, Dennis Kokke, Don Rogers, and John Cooney.


  • Howard Medinnus may be an homage to David Medinnus the curator of the Captain America homage page The Star Spangled Site. David Medinnus and Avengers writer Kurt Busiek were in contact with each other at this time. Other noted internet fans ("Jarvis Heads") of the Avengers were also randomly noted by Kurt Busiek during his time as writer on this title.

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