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Quote1.png We have no choice. So we fight -- and we win. There are no other options. Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Absolute Mastery"

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Synopsis for "Absolute Mastery"

Kang unleashes his warriors and the Avengers's big guns (Hercules, Thor, She-Hulk) and an international contingent of soldiers engage them in battle. Meanwhile, Yellowjacket, Warbird, Quicksilver, and Silverclaw do their best to assess the new threat of the Master and his constructs that he has erected around the world. They investigate one of the Master's bases and battle through his defenses only to be apparently destroyed by the Master. Meanwhile, Cap, Photon, Jack of Hearts, and the Scarlet Witch rocket into orbit to confront Kang directly.


Mistakenly numbered 463 in top left (should be 461).

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